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What is it like to follow some inspirational people who are very successful in life? Following these people can provoke good qualities within us and make us do something good out of inspiration. Here are some of the people who are well known for being responsible leaders.

Bernard Marr:

He is one of the best-selling authors, motivational speaker, business consultant, and analyst. He offers a lot of valuable content especially, on the LinkedIn platform providing content for being productive and creating the best personal brand. So, he is one of the passionate influencers to follow especially, in the fields like business and technology.

Kamala Harris:

She doesn’t need an introduction as she is the Vice President of the US. She is the first woman who is a black person to hold this highest position in one of the most powerful countries in this world. Despite facing criticism and inequality, she is a strong and ambitious woman who breaks all the barriers throughout her carrier. She boldly faced it and bounced back!

Elon Musk:

He is the CEO of SpaceX and the founder of Tesla. He is someone who believes that work is a passion! He is a unique person to think of an electric car where the whole world was using the vehicle that needed diesel and petrol. Musk has also donated and done many for charity and society. Following a willful, strong-minded person like him can make us get inspired and do better.

Jacinda Ardern:

 She is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Her leadership style has grabbed a lot of attention from others. Especially the way she handled the country during the coronavirus pandemic. New Zealand was one of the countries to represent covid-19 free last year, whereas other countries struggled to control the cases. Her approach and message are clear, specific, and easy to understand. The way she interacts with her people shows her confidence and how trustworthy she is.

Oprah Winfrey:

Oprah Winfrey is a famous American talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist. As someone who had a tough childhood, who now became a successful person, her enthusiasm and passion made her create her own production company called Harpo Productions. Her excellent leadership and decision-making skills led her business to a huge hit. Following her on social media and watching her show, where she gives valuable life advice from her own life experience can be very useful.

Bill Gates:

He also doesn’t need an introduction, a well-known American business tycoon and co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft being a successful corporation, Bill Gates continued to be determined, applied business strategies, and tactics that led the business to get a huge success. Following him on social media like LinkedIn, where he offers career advice, especially for the people who are teens, can be very beneficial.

For students, who are just about to enter graduation/maters programs following these motivational and inspirational people, seeing how successful they are, and learning what made them very successful in life can give us also the same positive energy to do our work. We may learn something new from them. We can also know what made them inspire and their hurdles to reach this place. Who knows that sometimes we may even relate to their difficulties, and we may find ourselves similar to their story? By knowing their life story, we also get inspired to do something good in our life. We can use our creativity to bring more new ideas to our workplace. When we do something and share it with others, then others get motivated by seeing us and doing something good too, and the chain continues.

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