Business Analytics (Minor)

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics minor will meet the growing need for managers who need to make decisions based upon the methods of data analytics. This includes Data Mining and the ability to collect, analyze, and interpret what is commonly referred to as Big Data. The resulting skill set will include the ability to predict consumer behavior using predictive analytics. Emphasis will be on application and interpretation of statistical techniques and business analytics approaches. Students in any of our disciplines would benefit from this curriculum at Northwood University.

A minor is a defined group of courses within a discipline in addition to the required course for the major. Courses fulfilling requirements for this minor can be taken in open elective slots within the majors.

What Classes Do You Take for the Business Analytics Minor?

Other departments may develop courses in the future that could be applied to this minor.

- MIS 1500 Business Productivity Software
- MTH 2310 Statistics I Descriptive Statistics and Probability

In order to earn a Minor in Business Analytics, you will be required to complete a core of 5 courses and 1 or more electives.

Complete all 5 courses.

  • MTH 3340 Statistics II Inference
  • MTH 3400 Introduction to Data Science
  • MIS 3200 Database Design and Implementation
  • MTH 4100 Data Mining and Modeling for Business Decisions
  • MTH 4200 Predictive Analytics

Select at least 1.

  • AMM 3050 Category Management
  • MIS 3300 Project Management
  • OPS 2350 Statistics for Quality Engineering and Improvement
  • OPS 4100 Statistics for Continuous Improvement (Measurements and metrics)
  • OPS 4200 Lean Six Sigma (Process Improvement Approaches)

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