Northwood University, RAK will start academic operations at its International Program Center in Ras Al Khaimah in June 2021.

The following programs are available: 

Bachelor of Business Administration with Majors in:

  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality Management

All majors will have the opportunity to add a minor in Business Analytics.



Finance and business go hand in hand. No company can function without at least one skilled finance expert onboard. That’s why the Northwood University Finance major includes a mix of finance and business management courses.

Finance majors start in their major on day one, learning all the details of the competitive world of finance, from an entrepreneurial point of view. At Northwood University, you’ll understand more than just what makes a bottom line. You’ll leave with a distinct business savvy from hands-on learning in, and out, of the classroom. We prepare you for a successful career in financial services and other industries.

Get a head start on your career.



Leading a business means more than just being in charge. Managers direct projects and processes, lead teams and adapt to changing conditions when necessary. They need to think like an entrepreneurs, understand people and keep an eye on the competition—all at the same time. We can help you develop those competencies.

When you enroll in our Management degree program, you learn what it takes to be an effective, well-rounded manager. Real-world case studies and business simulations, as well as immersion experiences in the field, help you get a better look at what lies ahead after graduation.
Get started on your management career.



Marketing professionals need finely honed creativity and strategic business expertise combined with an entrepreneurial drive. Our Marketing degree program will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Starting from day one, you’ll study everything from sales, advertising and marketing to consumer behavior, e-commerce and trend analysis. You’ll use creative and analytical thinking to solve problems and develop solutions that will benefit both the company and the consumer.

We also provide hands-on, real-world experience to help you hone your skills and the opportunity to develop your own marketing plan for a company.

If you see a marketing career in your future, apply today.


Hospitality Management

Whether your dream is to manage a large hotel chain, lead a kitchen crew, plan major events, have an office on a cruise ship or run your own bed and breakfast, a Hospitality Management degree from Northwood will help you launch your career the moment you step on campus.
With major courses starting from day one in the classroom, you’ll also get crucial learning experiences out in the real world. Hospitality is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world, and we’re here to help build its future leaders.
If you think you’re one of those, apply today.


Business Analytics (Minor)

The Business Analytics minor will meet the growing need for managers who need to make decisions based upon the methods of data analytics. Students in any of our disciplines would benefit from this curriculum at Northwood University.

Northwood University is devoted to continuous improvement of all programs and reserves the right to revise all curriculum guides or academic programs.